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Couples Counseling

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When we choose to enter into a relationship as a couple, we invest ourselves. All of our hopes, fears, and deepest desires are melded into one and held by our new, interconnected identity.

When our relationships work, they can provide us with satisfaction and contentment, the foundation for a fulfilling life. When our relationships break down, we can feel as if our entire world is crumbling along with them.

It’s natural for changes and different challenges to arise over the course of a relationship, but if we begin to feel as if that union is cracking, if fear and struggle replace hope and compromise, then we must take action.

Couples counseling provides us with a safe place to explore difficult feelings. It takes courage to seek help in exploring our most intimate concerns, but our efforts are always rewarded. Healing done in partnership ripples throughout our lives, enabling us to enjoy greater well-being in our relationships and personal growth to last a lifetime.

Services Provided for Couples Include:

  • Reconnecting as a Couple
  • Recovering After Infidelity
  • Pre-Marital Counseling

During your sessions, we’ll help you and your partner transform defensiveness, criticism, and isolation into openness, intimacy, and connection. We’ll provide you and your partner with a safe place to explore and express your emotions and concerns, and you’ll learn skills and practices proven to restore and strengthen relationships.

While we strongly believe in the power of committed relationships, there are times when they become so destructive that they should end in their current forms. If this becomes true for you, we’ll support you in discussing your options and managing difficult decisions as they emerge.

Same-Sex Couples

We work to create a safe, secure, and growth-enhancing environment for all committed couples. While same-sex couples often fall into the same polarizing cycles as heterosexual couples, they also face unique stressors sand challenges that we help couples navigate during the course of therapy.